Before placing an order with us. you need to read and agree to our terms and conditions

Important information before submitting your order:

Age control:

1. You confirm you are at least 18 years old and not give the acquired products to minors and children. Act responsibly!

Error control:

2. Please check your data twice:

E-mail address, name, address and order (product name/number of products) so that really everything falls into place

3. Per customer only Two orders per day is possible. If in spite of careful verification you happened to make a mistake on both orders, please turn immediately to the support team and ask for the respective changes. So that these changes will be implemented  in time.

Cash on delivery:

4.We do not do Cash On Delivery services.


5. When you place am order withus, you’re required to make your payment by Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoins, World Remit within 5 days. If no payment takes place within this period, your order will be cancelled automatically. Note to all customer when you make payment via the abover mentioned payment methods, kindly send to us a picture or receipt of the payment made for further confirmation.


6. Your order is shipped from either one of a branches USA, France, & Australia depending on your location/delivery address.

Attention! We cannot determine the exact time when your order will be delivered (time).

If you cannot agree with that, we ask you not to submit an order in our shop.

Package delivery:

7. Please note that we cannot influence the delivery.

This means we cannot determine whether the postman in your absence

-gives your order to your neighbor

-makes a second delivery attempt

-or delivers your package to a post office

Tracking number:

8. Once your Payment has been confirmed, we will process your order and get back to you with a valid tracking number within 48 hours until you get a tracking number except for overnight and next day deliveries within USA. Please do not put unnecessary questions to the support team within this time limit (this starts as soon as the Payment for your order is confirmed).

E-mail contact

9. To get in touch with us by the contact form or by sending directly an e-mail, please note the following points:

Please always write your tracking number in the message ( in case of delivered packages ).

This helps us to process your message faster and benefits you as well. Furthermore, we ask you to follow some rules of conduct. So if it comes to problems, please be so kind and stay friendly. Our support team tries to help you as soon as possible.

Note To Customer’s

In case of any misconduct or impatient, we take no responsibility to whatever situation it is be it you placed and order and haven’t received it and  you go as far as reporting us to legal communities or law enforcement agent’s for Scam Alert, you stand a bigger and greater chance of losing both your funds and personal details to the law enforcement agent’s and an investigation will be open against you (dispute) and we don’t guarantee the safety or the possibilities if should you lose the dispute so be conscious enough to have enough proofs or evidence against us before opening a dispute or reporting us to legal authorities. If you read these conditions carefully and follow them, you can save us both a lot of time and unnecessary troubles through support.

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